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Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005, 09:40 pm
imhumanreally: [RP Log] Attack of the Clones

BACKDATED: Takes place August third, around 8:00 AM. It is the morning after the great explosion at ZIM's base, and everyone at skool has been replaced with... well, a clone is really the best way ZIM and Dib can put it (since they saw their clones briefly the night before). The boys confront each other, bicker, and then ZIM has to do some grovelling bargaining.

Rated: PG, for minor swearing. 8D; Guess the boys aren't so young anymore. ^^;

(yay first log)

There were simply not enough words in every universe to express the great frustration the almighty ZIM was feeling. Not only was his entire secret base destroyed, but he had seemed to create some horrible copy of himself... His whole operation was a disaster!

It was all Dib's fault, naturally! He was the one who had come in and messed everything up. It was always Dib's fault. And ZIM was going to tell Dib so at skool today! Because... That was what he always did!

But skool seemed... worse than usual today. It was as if everyone decided that they would act ten times… NAY. One hundred times worse than they normally acted. And it freaked ZIM out. So he decided to wait in the air vents above his classroom and see just what was going on. A bit of analyzing would surely get to the bottom of this! SURELY.

Surely... Yes... Right... Don't fall asleep, ZIM…

Dib, on the other hand, was panicking.

Not like he wasn't always panicking, but this was a worse kind of panic. He'd dealt with his classmates before, always the one to observe any strange behavior. This...this was odd, though. Frantically, he looked around for any sign of Zim... because, it was surely his fault that brainless, mindless GIRLS were coming up to him, giggling about how cute he was, and skipping away as gaily as could be... I mean, really! What?

This was really, really weird.

He looked up at Ms. Bitters, half-expecting to see her dancing with joy, relief spreading over him when she was looming disapprovingly over the class as normal as could be... for Ms. Bitters, anyway.

When Dib entered the room, ZIM snapped awake in his position. Huhn. He looked normal enough. Probably because he was the one who caused all of this. But they had both seen those awful clones the night before and run away screaming. (ZIM knew he would have to find that other, less-spectacular ZIM later... He just... was not... ready... now... Yeah. Not ready. That's it)

In any case, he moved a hand-held computer along the vent. The children in that classroom were all clones. Except for Dib. But what had happened to the real children?

His eyes narrowed, and he put the computer away. After that, he moved along the vent and out into the hallway. Somehow, he would have to get Dib's attention...

As a boy in the front row began singing folk songs, that was a sign. He had to get out of here. Had to. Dib looked around frantically, looking for maybe the last hope of normalcy in his class. Nothing. Everyone was acting WEIRD and POSSESSED and...just....WEIRD. A revalation crept up on him, and he shrieked out loud, pointing at ZIM's empty seat. "DOESN'T ANYONE NOTICE? EVERYONE'S ACTING WEIRD AND ZIM'S NOT HERE. HE MUST'VE... POSSESSED YOU ALL! SOMEHOW!"

Apparently, even if this was a world where girls thought he was cute and the boys were fond of singing "Home on the Range" around a desk, no one looked up. Or even noticed.

He finally gave up and sat back down, only to raise his hand. "Ms. Bitters, I need to go to the bathroom." Right. At the very least, he could get out of this... torture.

Ah, Ms. Bitters… Good, old, reliable Ms Bitters. She was always dependable. "Do you promise not to send messages into space with the toilet seat again?" she asked in her scratchy voice. When Dib gave her an affirmative nod, she gritted her teeth and immediately pointed towards the door.

It looked as though ZIM would not have to worry about getting Dib's attention. Dib would just come to him on his own... Excellent... ZIM was so clever! OH, how clever was ZIM! He pressed himself against the wall by the door of their classroom, waiting for the human boy to come out.

Then he would attack... and stuff.

Dib headed out of the classroom, thankful to get away.

"Hn. Sending messages into space using the toilet seat my ass." He muttered softly to himself as he crept out of the classroom. Where was she getting that from anyway? He'd only tried to do that that once. And he had only TRIED, he hadn't actually SUCCEEDED. There was a difference. He closed the door behind him, still muttering silently to himself, trying to keep track of what strange things were going on.

As Dib was moving down the hallway, a gloved hand reached out and grabbed him, suddenly slinging him back and into the wall.

"Look at all the trouble you caused," hissed ZIM as he stared at his rival. Rule number one... Always be intimidating. And he was very intimidating... Oh, yes, he was! HE WAS ZIM. "First you ruin my plans, and now THIS?"

"What trouble?!" Dib practically yelled, before quieting. No, no. This wasn't anyone else's battle besides his and Zim's. No use getting skool administrators in on it. "I only stopped you from trying to destroy the Earth again. And you just can't take defeat, can you ZIM?" He replied cockily, shoving ZIM back into the middle of the hallway.

ZIM fell back, but still remained cool, glaring daggers at Dib. "If you hadn't come into my base and started thrashing about, my machine wouldn't have wigged out. And now, there are... those... THINGS..." he waved his arms wildly. "...Running around! Those terrible TERRIBLE things!"

"If YOU hadn'tve fallen back on that BUTTON nothing would've HAPPENED TO BEGIN WITH." Dib countered, voice steadily rising before he remembered again and hushed. "You're telling me. Those things..." Dib shuddered, trying not to remember them. "Well, you just need to get rid of them, right?" Smirk. "Shouldn't be too hard for an ALIEN, huh?"

Of course it would not be too hard. ZIM crossed his arms, smirking right back. "Oh, of course not. I can do anything. But there's one teensy, tiny little problem, Dib..."

Dib rolled his eyes as Zim bragged on, waiting for him to continue. "And what's that, huh?"

ZIM suddenly snapped, shouting as loud as he could. "MY BASE WAS COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!!!!1ONE"


And after his voice echoed down the hallway and there was an awkward moment of silence, he calmed himself. "..."

Dib was practically shoved back against the wall by the mere screech of Zim's voice. He blinked for a moment, and blinked again. "So... why does that matter to ME?" He grinned, knowing exactly what ZIM wanted... oh, but this was too good. Too, too good.

Why... Was Dib grinning like that? ZIM's eyes narrowed, and he leaned
forward, almost growling. "You're the only one I know with the
accommodations..." Hm... That sounded... Lame. "I need a lab." Grr.

Dib thought for a moment, stroking his chin in thought, thinking to himself. "Okay." He said finally, very simple, very easy, still smiling in that weird way. This was it. This was his chance to trap ZIM up in a room and call every single newspaper and magazine he knew. FINALLY THE WORLD WOULD KNOW HIS GENIUS. ...And ZIM was offering himself up willingly. "You can stay. Dad's always busy anyway, it's not like he'd notice."

That was too easy. ZIM scowled darkly. "You'd better not try anything funny... You need me, Dib... Without me, you will be up to your neck in FILTHY human clones. And doggie clones. And kitty clones... And maybe even disgusting TREE clones! YOU DON'T WANT THAT!" ZIM shook a fist at his rival... He had won! Yes, for he was great! Great and excellent... Excellent and great!

The clones would be a problem... but maybe, if he'd let ZIM stay for a while, and see what he was up to... Dib could figure it out himself, right? Right. The wonders of being the only intelligent being in the house. "No, of course not." Grin. "But you're sleeping on the floor."

"I do not need sleep," replied ZIM haughtilly. He crossed his arms over his chest. "Sleep is for weak HU-mans."

He shrugged, and turned back to class. "So you can get rid of them sooner then. The sooner the better." He eyed the door warily.

ZIM turned away, still scowling ahead. "Whatever..." This was so degrading... He would be staying with Dib, the hu-man he hated most on this entire planet. Well, he would have to find GIR and let him know. He was not going to skool now. "I'm going back home to see if I can salvage anything there..." And... he would see Dib later. Ugh. Without another word, ZIM hurried away.

Dib entered the classroom again, shuddering slightly when the class stayed silent and still and unafraid of Ms. Bitters as she croaked through her lessons. But this would all be solved soon. And ZIM would be shipped out in PARTS to the National Science Organization. And then the world would see. Oh yes, the world would see...

Fri, Jul. 4th, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Shek2Rut

I love Zim!!!!!!!!!!!!