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Tue, Aug. 2nd, 2005, 01:50 pm
imhumanreally: Happy rule things

You've made it this far... Oh, you're good...

Let's lay down some ground rules. Because, even though this is an RPG and we want to have lots of fun, we have to have some structure. Whoohoo! STRUCTURE. OBEY MY STRUCTURE.

-First off, this is NOT an AU RPG. What I mean by this is that everything is still taking place in the same world as in Invader ZIM. There's no magic or special powers (unless it comes from shiny robots or spell books that Dib picks up). Everyone is the same age, more or less.

-That being said... No god-modding. Your character, not even THEGREATZIM, can be so almighty that they can completely destroy another character... If you would like to do something special with another character (injuries/fights, relationships ::shifty eyes:: 8D ), you *must* talk it over with that character first. Do not simply grab a character and kidnap them, beat them up, and then leave them on the road to die. NOT NICE. Ask the mun for permission.

(As an aside, I don't think everyone has as big a problem with this as I do... But I'm not one to toss out my characters for anyone to play. When I choose a character for RPing, that's kind of who I want to play. And when other people apply for characters, I assume that is who they want to play too. So when they are indifferent about who does what with their character, that frusterates me. But it really is none of my business O.o;; But if you want to sign up for a character, please take full responsibility for that character! Don't just let someone walk all over you...)

-Right now, just one character per person will be granted, since the cast is kind of small. If people do not join or want to take minor roles, perhaps I'll change this rule so that the story can move along.

-Journalling will be done... In a journal. That is where a character will interact... from home, from the library, the dumpster... with other characters. Journals are *not* where the role-playing will take place unless a specific entry is made for RPing by two (or more) characters. If needed, a seperate community could be made for those types of RPs.

In any case, the private journals are just like journals at home... Think of how your character would type. Would they use emoticons? Use correct punctuation? Spell properly? TyP LyK dIz?! It's your chance to get creative. (these should be updated AT LEAST once a week)

-The actual role-playing (between two or more characters) must be done via some sort of instant messaging program. AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, IRC... whatever. Sometimes a journal or even email can be used, but the character journals are not used for this. This is done on your own time, and when your log is done, post it in this community for others to read (and rate it, especially if it has violence or swearing or... other... things... :D ).

-OOC stands for Out Of Character, usually. Here, it will stand for Overly Obnoxious Clone... ZIM made it up himself. ♥

-All Clones are only from earth, since that is only where the machine hit. Characters like the Tallest, or Tak, or any other Aliens who were not present or on earth at the time were not affected by this DOOM matter. So there will only be one of each of them.

Also, there is only one Mrs. Bitters. Because she is Different.

-The story is taking place after the explosion, so the Clones are just starting to pop out. Dib and ZIM have seen their Clones already... So the RPG takes place the day after...

...! I think that is it for now... If I have more rules, I'll add them. And, remember: If you have any questions, just ask!